What is MONCOE?

MONCOE is a new breed of digital agency with a focus on micro and small businesses. Developing a digital ecosystem for your new or existing business may sound daunting even alien. But rest assured its not and with MONCOE’s support, advice and experience we’ll make you see the benefits and adopt a new way of working.

So what is a digital ecosystem – well its your online presence but with all the wrap around elements that make your business memorable, visible, coherent and interesting. We have developed a range of services that are all about making your business digitally effective – from branding and photography through website development and social media to the actual operation of your business through cloud-based systems.

So why MONCOE – well we have developed the business to service our own group company’s digital challenges and as we have learnt a lot about what works and does not when it comes to digital we thought we’d like to share it with other like-minded businesses, brands and entrepreneurs/start-ups.

And what does MONCOE stand for – well “Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere”. As a business that has been established in a rural environment but delivers services locally, regionally, nationally even globally, we love the idea that the right digital strategy and tools can put you at the centre of your target market.