Brand – one of our favourite definitions is “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. However, when you are starting out you may not have anything for them to talk about so we can help with establishing that – both in terms of your story, your logo, your brand guidelines, your USP. We have developed a number of brands for our own businesses – MONCOE is just one of them. We hope that by sitting down with you and your team we can help distill your brand into something tangible, memorable, interesting so that the next time you are not in the room, the people left in it are doing your business development, marketing and PR for you.


But development is not confined to start-ups, many long standing businesses and sole traders may have never developed a brand but are now interested in doing so. We can help there too – with the advantage that there are lots of stories we can draw on and client/customer feedback to inform the discussion around what your brand is in the future.

Brand Development Projects