Content is King – that’s pretty much it…

Words, pictures, stories, videos, infographics – all of these can and should play a part in any business’ digital showcase. But curating content and finding the time to do so is not easy. MONCOE addresses this through a range of services that can help ensure you have the content that best reflects your business.

Words come in a range of packages – articles, blogs, research, case studies, testimonials, biographies – MONCOE will help ensure you pick the right combination and integrate these into your websites and social media.

Photos – the world is now in high definition but are you? Having less imagery but better quality is the way forward – and with multiple ways to use the imagery we can make this go further.

Whether you use some of our own stock library photography or we create your own gallery of photos showing you working, your business delivering or your brand convincing, MONCOE can support your words with memorable images.

Stories – working with you, we can help tell your story – and behind every great business is a great story. No matter what it is personalising your business helps your customers, suppliers and partners better engage with you from Day 1. But don’t worry about what the story is, how you tell it is key!

Videos – with Facebook and LinkedIn predicting a huge rise in the use of video, this format for content delivery is now literally in the grasp of anyone with a smart phone.

We can of course assist with recommending partners who can deliver great video content but don’t be put off from thinking about this in the same way you do a photo. And if you have characters in your business this format can often provide huge advantages when it comes to social media – remember ‘people buy people’.

Infographics – in a world where people have the attention span of a gnat, presenting information in a visual form is the way forward. And take it from a business which is awash with data but a boss who is all about “the bigger picture”!

Infographics are a great way to help people understand your business, your industry and also your core capabilities – it can also help clients understand the scope of your business – not all things you do need to be equally promoted and showcasing your specialisations can help people make informed decisions during that gnat’s second….

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